115mm KGS Hybrid® Diamond Flap Disc

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KGS Hybrid® Diamond Flap Disc


KGS Hybrid® diamond flap discs are made of a plastic body with metal bonded diamond flaps.  This makes the discs very aggressive compared to the KGS Hybrid® T discs.  Material removal and speed of the KGS Hybrid® diamond flap disc is equal to that of cup wheels, however, the vibrations of the machine during use are much less.  The flap discs are very suitable for material removal and deburring, from coarse to fine grinding.  KGS Hybrid® flap discs can also be used for edge grinding and chamfering and for surface grinding



  • Aggressive and very quick material removal.
  • Comfortable and smooth grinding, reduced hand and arm vibrations compared to cup wheels
  • Very long service life.
  • Firm body and solid flaps give precise control.
  • Clean finish with accurate chamfering and edging.
  • Easy to use due to constant grinding pressure