2 Part Granite Care Kit

AKEMI 2 part granite care kit

Professional, high quality stone care sold as a kit in a transarent clamshelf.

Especially suited to treat kitchen countertops made of natural and artificial stones.


500ml Triple Effect
Highly effective stone care and impregnation spray. Contains modified organic compounds, com-bined with cleaning components which do not form layers. Natural fresh odour. Foodsafe (tested by LGA Nuremberg). Pumpspray for the regular care and protection of fine ground and polished natural and artificial stones (such as marble, granite and concrete ashlar). Three effects are achieved in one single operation: deep cleaning; water-, oil- and grease repellent protection; restores lustre.

250ml Stain Repellent
Impregnation on the basis of silicone with a special effect, food safe (tested by LGA Nuremberg). Beginning of protective effect (20 C): 24 - 48 h. A special impregnation which repels water, grease and oil. Used to protect flooring, table tops and working surfaces made of absorbent natural and artificial stone (s.a. marble, Solnhofer stone, sandstone, fine stoneware). For indoors and outdoors. Prevents the stone from staining spots or makes removing of spots much easier, the stone remains capable of breathing.


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