Cera Fluida


It fits for the treatment of natural stones like onyxes, marbles, stones, granulated, agglomerations and terrazzo material. On the marbles it increases the polish and it eliminates the possible superficial defects of the material slightly accenting the colour. On the granites it increases the polish, it eliminates the cobwebs, and it enhances the colour. In general it is used for the material, in order to have intense colours, and to make the material more beautiful. It is recommended in the automatic wax machines when once it is necessary of brief drying and a facility of removal with the brushes. It can also be used manually.
Light protective effect and stain-resistant. This wax can be furnished coloured on requirement.
The Fluid Wax B is completely free of chlorinated solvents that they are able to cause a long time irreversible damages on the human beings.


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Weight 2 kg