Drai Hydro Oil Repellent


DRAI hydro repellence is superior to any other organic or inorganic compound, with unimaginable values ​​of oil-repellency.‎ It can be used on any surface.‎ The high water repellency prevents water from coming into contact with calcium carbonate – the major component of building materials - avoiding deterioration by carbonization.‎   The impossibility for water to penetrate into building materials avoid structure cracking and the formation of algae and molds.‎ Even pollutants - chemicals or dirt – can’t settle on the surface avoiding it gets dirty and deteriorate.‎
Drai is an acrylic copolymer modified with fluorinated groups: the acrylic components facilitate adhesion to stone surfaces, while the fluorinated groups, positioned externally, ensure hydro-oil repellency.‎
• Drai penetrates very deeply into capillary pores: many tests showed penetrations up to 4-5 mm into materials.‎ Tests have been carried out on different types of surfaces: concrete, earthenware mortars, tuff, carparo, various marbles (Carrara marble, flowered bardiglio, Verona red marble, yellow Siena marble, granite, travertine, etc.‎.‎), paints and lime-based coatings, marmorino: the results have always been very satisfactory.‎
• Drai, is invisibile once it’s dried – materials natural appearance keeps totally unchanged.‎
• Drai is permeable to vapour; the permeability of the different processed surfaces keeps totally unchanged.‎
• Drai is chemically stable and  does not change with exposure to UV rays.‎


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