Extra Lux 1 Litre


The Extra Lux self-polishing varnish is formulated with resins and very selected waxes, the mixture ensures flawless polishing on marble and granite.‎  The formula has been developed to provide the treated surface with a lasting polish, even after exposure to atmospheric conditions.‎
Lab tests have shown that marble treated with Extra Lux and then exposed to UV-A light for 40 days doesn’t undergo any alteration.‎  Extra Lux has a wide range of application, in all cases where traditional polishing may be difficult: corners, borders, edges, columns, etc, and on elements already installed.‎ It is suitable to obtain “wet look”, even on unpolished display materials: blocks, slabs, tiles, etc.‎  Apply with a buffer, cloth or paint brush, on completely dry and preferably rubbed up material:  Spread the varnish evenly and without scrubbing.‎  According to desired effect, a second application may be done, approx.‎ 15 min.‎ after the first coat.‎ Total drying depends on temperature, and requires approx 30 minutes.‎


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