GENYA 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw

Price on application! breton

GENYA is a 5-axis monobloc cutting and milling center with a rotating head and a suction cup system for moving pieces and optimizing the working area.
Ideal for slabs of natural stone, quartz and ceramic.

  • No foundations are required, as its simply fixed to the ground and comes ready for immediate production
  • Single-piece structure in galvanized steel, occupying minimal space in relation to axis travels.
  • Front doors to CE standards, with manual opening with large transparent doors, in thermoformed ABS with sound absorbent foam, internally reinforced by a steel structure.
  • Integrated camera facilitates 1 click capture imaging of the entire slab.
  • "Energy Management" system reabsorbs the energy recovered during braking into the grid or makes it available to another engine during acceleration.
  • Cutting head rotates around its 190° vertical axis driven by a digital brushless motor, and automatically tilts in every position from 0° to 90°
  • Continuous laser trace for cutting alignment
  • 13 kW spindle motor is controlled by inverter, with a working range between 1000 and 5000 rpm, with paralleled efficiency of different diameter blades, tool bits and finger bits.
  • Option to mount on tool spindle with a 1/2" gas connection (b) or finger bit tool.
  • Suction cup gripping system, positioned behind the rotating head, keeping the finger bit core mounted on the spindle.
  • Beam moved by a gantry rack-and-pinion system, driven by a digital brushless motor, creating quick and precise movements
  • Cast iron spindle carriage driven by a digital brushless motor.
  • Vertical movements of the spindle carriage propelled on a ball recirculation guide system, driven by a digital brushless motor
  • Tilting workbench in galvanized steel with a top covered in multilayer wood, rigidly fixed to the side shoulders.
  • Electronic probe for checking the blade diameter.
  • Slab thickness probe automatically corrects cutting dimensions for the perfect 45° miter.
  • Manually centralized lubrication system for moving parts with 3 convenient greasing points. breton

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