Grabo Electric Vacuum Lifter

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Grabo Electric Vacuum Lifter


The GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifter is a cordless suction cup lifting device that operates using an electric vacuum pump to achieve a high level of suction, securing it to almost any surface.  It works on rough, porous and even wet surfaces.  It is particularly useful when fixing large-format tiles and also helps with handling of tiles that have been back-buttered or primed.

It can lift up to 170kg.  It is suitable for use on many surfaces, including: Plasterboard, checker plate, drain covers, worktops, doors, glass, stone slabs, concrete pavers, flagstones, textured tiles & glass, and many more.  The GRABO works particularly well on rough or porous materials (wood, concrete, rock, gypsum boards, natural stone tiles) that otherwise wouldn’t work with a standard hard rubber suction cup.  Porous surfaces allow air to travel through them, rendering a vacuum cavity created by a standard suction cup to fail after a few seconds.  The GRABO works well on these surfaces by constantly pumping out air at a rate greater than the rate of air leaking through the material.  The flexible foam rubber seal on the bottom creates excellent seal by moulding itself to any contours and uneven surfaces.

The GRABO is easy to operate – it features two buttons, a green waterproof one for simple on/off operation of the vacuum pump, and a red one for quick release of the suction pad.  It is a truly cordless unit, power is supplied from a 14.8v Li-ion battery pack, which lasts for 1.5 hours of use and takes 2 hours to charge.  Each lifter unit is supplied with two battery packs.  The unit also features two anchoring points for attaching straps, to facilitate handling of bulkier materials.

The GRABO comes in the Plus model which features an integrated pressure gauge.  Each Lifter unit is supplied ready to use, and comes with 2 x 14.8v Battery packs, a lifting strap, a replacement foam seal, battery charging lead and is supplied in one compact plastic carry case.