KGS FLEXIS® pads Basic Line

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KGS FLEXIS® pads Basic Line


The KGS FLEXIS® pads make cleaning and floor polishing easy!  If the floor is dull and dirty use the easy to follow step sequence and finish with the high performance green KGS FLEXIS® pad

The KGS FLEXIS® pad system is incredibly versatile, chemical free, removes the need for expensive polymer finishes.  KGS FLEXIS® easily maintains popular terrazzo and stone surfaces using only water

KGS FLEXIS® pad can restore most surfaces to as good as new, removing scratches and rejuvenating dull heavy footfall areas to high gloss.

KGS FLEXIS® pad offers exceptional productivity gains, with long life and high shine. Fewer pad changes means fewer stoppages, less downtime and long life results in less overheads.

With KGS knowledge gained over 50 years they  have produced a range of pads that work exceptionally well under a wide range of machines and on a wide range of floors.



Coarse pad is for heavy duty surface renovation


KGS FLEXIS® Blue pad

Medium pad is for deep cleaning and produces an economical light reflective finish, most popular in large industrial and commercial applications


KGS FLEXIS® Yellow pad

Polishing and cleaning, producing a clear reflective shine


KGS FLEXIS® Green pad

The green pad serves two functions.  Firstly, used wet or dry it will finish off the four step process leaving a polish to your surface with the highest shine available.  Secondly, if used daily it will maintain and improve the polish.  If due to high traffic you have small scratches or slight dullness appearing then use the green pad wet to restore the floor



  • Long life
  • 20 mm thick pads
  • Only 5 passes per grit
  • Density 40-50 kg / m3
  • 60 Denier virgin polyester
  • Open weave pads
  • The best price - performance ratio
  • EU manufactured


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6" / 150mm, 7" / 178mm, 8" / 203mm, 9" / 230mm, 10" / 255mm, 11" / 280mm, 12" / 305mm, 13" / 330mm, 14" / 350mm, 15" / 380mm, 16" / 400mm, 17" / 430mm, 18" / 460mm, 20" / 500mm, 21" / 533mm, 22" / 560mm, 24" / 610mm, 27" / 680mm

Grit / Colour

400 Grit Red, 800 Grit Blue, 1500 Grit Yellow, 3000 Grit Green