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Horizontal edge polisher

Breton Kinger is the advanced horizontal edge polisher for straight edges with beveled or rounded corners, equipped with a slat conveyor system for finishing straight edges of marble, granite, engineered stone or ceramic workpieces.


Versatile and robust

With its solid spindles, special rubber covered slat conveyor and vast range of accessories available, Kinger is the ideal edge polishing machine for marble fabshops. Kinger allows creation of beveled or rounded profiles on one or both edges, gauging of the front and rear of the workpiece, and polishing of edges to perfection.


The machine can be equipped with additional spindles to hone the band of material adjacent to the polished edge.


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Min. material dimensions (width)
120 mm
Max. material dimensions (width)
1200 mm
Min. workable thickness
10 mm
Max. workable thickness
60 mm
Total installed power
48 kW
Diameter of the vertical calibrating tool
140 mm
Diameter of the polishing tool for straight edges
130 mm
Number of calibrating spindles
Hydraulic motor power of the polishing spindles for radiused edges
22 kW
Number of upper chamfering spindles
3 N°
Number of lower chamfering spindles
3 N°
Hydraulic motor power of the polishing spindles for radiused edges
22 kW
Overall dimensions (length)
7500 mm
Overall dimensions (width)
2000 mm
Overall dimensions (height)
2080 mm

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