LE 12-3 100 WET

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1150 watt wet stone grinder with variable speed, plug for isolating transformer, 115mm

  • Powerful 1150 watt motor.
  • VR full-wave electronic control: tachogenerator constant speed control, soft-start, overload protection and speed selection.
  • High torque for maximum material removal and optimum surface quality.
  • Powder coated and varnished magnetic pad for a long service life thanks to the additional protection against wear and abrasive dust.
  • Grip hood for easy handling and precise working.
  • Bail handle. Secure grip even when working on vertical surfaces.
  • The new water feed and control system is located below the housing which makes operation and precise dosing easy. An unobstructed grip area is provided directly above the backing pad.
  • 2M special hose: No additional hose safety devices required. Increases flexibility. reduces weight and prevents risk of injury from hose clips.
  • Quick-fit brass coupling for 1/2" water hose.
  • Contour plug can be connected only to an isolating transformer. For safety reasons operation is permitted only connected to the FLEX TT 2000 isolating transformer.
  • Spindle lock.

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Weight 4 kg