Nova 3 Air Fed Blast Helmet

Nova 3 Air Fed Blast Helmet


Key Features

The RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet is our flagship helmet and combines breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort, convenience, and safety. Designed to optimise safety, productivity, and minimise downtime.



The RPB Nova 3 Helmet improves in every way on the already very popular Nova 2000 Helmet.
The world�s most advanced shot blast helmet, the Nova 3 Blast Helmet combines ground breaking protection technology with the highest standards in worker comfort, convenience and safety. Specifically designed to be comfortably worn for extended periods, the RPB Nova 3 will greatly boost your productivity through reducing the downtime usually caused by worker fatigue.
The RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet meets safety standards across the world. Every aspect of its design has been painstakingly optimised to be comfortable and easy to use without compromising on safety and protection.


Features of the RPB Nova 2000:

  • Worlds most advanced shot blast helmet
  • CE Marked and meets protection standards worldwide
  • Extra large Viewing Window provides excellent forward and peripheral vison
  • Patented "Fit and Click" Inner Lens replacement system takes around 10 seconds.
  • Large Tough Window Latch can easily be released even wearing gloves
  • Tear Off Lens System ensures only one outer lens is removed at a time
  • Virtually unbreakable helmet shell was tested by parking a large SUV on top of it !
  • High Visibility Bright Green Cape and Heat reflecting grey helmet
  • Patent Pending Internal Padding System keeps comfort levels high and noise levels low
  • Even air distribution channel inside the Nova 3 Blast Hood keeps the helmet cool and reduces lens fogging
  • Bellow Seal System keeps dusts and particles out,  easy Serviceable - all parts can be either replaced by hand or using an Allen Key


Nova 3 Blast Helmet Works Hard to Keep You Cool

Where many shot blast helmets will make workers feel hot and exhausted after extended periods of use, the RPB Nova 3 actively works to keep workers as cool as possible at all times. The helmet is painted grey so as to reflect heat. An air distribution channel inside the helmet stops things from getting too hot, whilst also greatly reducing lens fogging. Meanwhile, a bellow seal system works to keep irritating dusts and particles out.


RPB Nova 3 - Experience Enhanced Visibility and Breathing

The extra-large viewing window provides excellent forward and peripheral vision. A patented �fit and click� inner lens replacement system means that fresh lenses can be fitted in around 10 seconds. The large Tough Window Latch can be easily released, even whilst wearing gloves. This means that workers can easily get a breath of fresh air whilst taking breaks, without having to remove the entire apparatus. However, this easy-opening lens in no way compromises safety, as the Tear-Off Lens System ensures that only one outer lens is ever removed at a time.


Nova 3 Blast Hood Is Built to Last

Aside from anything else, the RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet is tough and is virtually unbreakable. For the ultimate test, we parked an SUV on top of it. It emerged pretty much unscathed. If it can withstand that, then it can likely withstand any abrasive on Earth. Yet even in the most intense and extreme of shot blasting environments, the Internal Padding System will keep noise levels low and comfort levels high.
Finally, despite being an advanced and complex piece of PPE, the RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet is fully field serviceable. All parts can either be replaced by hand or with the use of a standard Allen Key.
The RPB Nova 3 Blast Helmet is our flagship product, the single best-selling PPE item in our range.

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