Power Grab n Bond

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Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty versatile bonding.  It’s formulation is based on the unique hybrid polymer product CT1.

The density of Power Grab n Bond is far greater allowing phenomenal results in initial grab.  Coupled with the rapid curing will in the majority of applications reduce labour time by at least 50%.

With Power Grab n Bond there is absolutely no need for any additional fixings as it was  initially developed for facade bonding.  In addition Power Grab n Bond has a capacity to adhere to endless materials such as stone, granite, marble, concrete, all metals (including alloys), polystyrene and most plastics.  Power Grab n Bond’s ability to bond combined   materials such as wood to concrete or stainless steel to stone is incredible.


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1 Tube, 12 Tubes (Box)