Proseal is a sealer from Tenax for all types of natural stone. It protects granite, marble, stone, and slate surfaces from the risk of staining.  It is ideal for granite kitchen tops marble bathrooms limestone floors slate floors and stone fireplaces.  It can also be used on engineered stone and concrete.  Proseal renders the stone surface repellent to water and oil based liquids and inhibits the penetration of these liquids into the surface of the material.  The liquids remain on the surface and can be wiped off without staining.

It provides strong protection against all the usual things that stain untreated stone such as cooking oil butter grease sauce coffee cola wine and fruit juice.  It does not form a film on the surface.  It allows the stone to breathe naturally. It is also UV stable.

  • For all types of natural stone, engineered stone and concrete
  • Suitable for polished, honed, sandblast, and flamed surfaces
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Does not change the colour or tonality of the material
  • UV resistant


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