Quartz Toner


Quartz Toner is a new colour enhancer and water repellent agent specifically designed for quartz materials from Tenax. An application of Quartz Toner will give a deep and rich improvement to the appearance of the surface.

This surface treatment is universal - it produces excellent results on many different colours of quartz. It can be used across the range of quartz surfaces: to create a vibrant red starlight or to improve a white material. It can also be used on different finishes of quartz too – from polished to flamed textures.

We recommend the product for use on faces as well as the edges of material if the edges have been profiled to ensure they match with the polished face. The product features a Food & Hygiene Safe Certificate so can be used for work surfaces. In addition to being a final treatment before installation, the enhancer is ideal for recovering and renewing faded material.

Quartz Toner is a hassle-free treatment that will instantly improve the appearance of work surfaces before installation or restore the lustre of old or faded quartz materials.


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