Radex Helmet Filter


More filtration, capacity and versatility

As you know, polluted air can be the cause of major health issues.  How can you improve the quality of the air your employees and breathing?  The RPB Radex Airline Filter exceeds industry filtration standards so you can be assured that your workers won't suffer the consequences of breathing contaminated air.

The Radex Airline Filter is fitted with a large capacity, 6-stage filter cartridge that removes moisture and particulates to 0.5 micron and odor from the compressed air stream, providing clean, breathable air.

An optional auto drain valve is available to fit to your filter that continually removes moisture from the filter housing, increasing the lifespan of the filter cartridge


Wall and Floor Mounting System

The Radex Airline Filter has a unique twist and lock mounting system, making it easy to mount to the floor or wall.  No bolts are required, simply place in position and turn to lock.

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