Safety Kut Porcelain Blade

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Safety Kut Porcelain Blade


The Safety Kut cutting disc provides total safety when cutting, with a perfect cutting output without creating tension in the material, in all its diamond height it behaves equally, without the need for sharpening.

It is a very fast disc and with an outstanding quality. If we add to that 20% more performance than conventional cutting discs, we have the perfect product for cutting porcelain materials.


2.2mm thick to put less pressure on materials and prevent breakage. Compared to 3.3mm for conventional discs.


Body reinforced in the center to ensure straight cuts and perfect miters.


It cuts with total reliability thanks to its reinforced structure with multilayer technology.



    Height                 Disc diameters                  R.P.M

10H Diamond                 400 mm                    2.200 – 2.900


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Weight 4 kg

400mm x 10h Seg x 60mm Bore Breton / Donitoni, 400mm x 10h Seg x 90mm Bore