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  • It is equipped with a modular structure made of stainless steel 20/10 and welded with TIG technology.
  • The suppression of the dust happens thanks to a sequence of two cleaning systems:
    • An external system of waterwall stops the primary dusts (the heaviest ones);
    • An efficient system of nozzles and filters washes the suctioned dusts, allowing the achievement of a real and effective suppression of more than 95%.
  • The external water veil is entirely openable thanks to a mechanism assisted with a pneumatic jack. Therefore, it allows to reach completely the inside of the machine for the regular maintanance (filters and nozzles).
  • The external water veil is designed to catch a major quantity of dusts thanks to its wide surface.
  • The PVC filters, which separate the wet area from the dry one are easily removable and completely washable, as well as the nozzles for the suppression of the dust.
  • The pump and all the plumbing system are made of stainless steel, in order to preserve the whole structure from rusting. In addition, the sludge pump is protected by a metal cage, to avoid any object to accidentally fall into the tank.
  • The level of water is controlled by a probe which stops the pump if the water goes under the minimum level. This way the pump does not work if the level of liquid is too low, because this could damage or break the pump. In this case, the light on the electrical switch panel turns on automatically to warn the operator that the pump is not working due to the lack of water.
  • Smartwall is equipped with a noiseless double intaking fan, directly coupled to the electric motor. In this way, thanks to an inverter (optional) the suction capacity can be directly regulated from the electrical switch panel. No more misaligned pulleys, no more belts breakdowns.


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