The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine Spira

  • Conveyor belt width 600mm; driven by speed variator power 1,5Kw;
  • Conveyor belt driven by a stainless steel plane.
  • Pneumatic holding slab pistons.
  • Control board with touch-screen visualized keyboard and pneumatic adjustment placed on the frontal part of the machine.
  • Main covers in stainless steel.
  • Water collecting tank with lateral flows.
  • Tool cooling water flowing outside the spindles and managed by manual valves.
  • Initial and final rollers, length 1 m. each.
  • Manual bar for large-sized slabs support.
  • Control PLC with software which automatically synchronizes the spindle and piston intervention as the slab passes.
  • Colour touch screen
  • Possibility to set the belt speed from control panel.


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